Factory Worker

Manufacturing is a diverse industry ranging from automotive suppliers, job shops, and steel and plastic molding plants, to soap manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, and sports equipment manufacturers.

Sallyport Commercial Finance’s management has provided creative and flexible working capital for all of the above and many more.

Sallyport Commercial Finance can provide you the needed financial help to manage your company’s growth, grab the business opportunities with both hands, or just simply to make payroll.

Quick, Tailored, and Professional Financing Solutions: Sallyport Commercial Finance provides timely and easy-access to funding, tailored to your needs. Sallyport Commercial Finance provides solutions that provide working capital for the manufacturing industry and can help with:

  • Expansion / Acquisition / Growth
  • Restructuring / Refinancing
  • Turnarounds
  • Recapitalization
  • Receipt of supplier discounts through better payment terms, purchase of larger quantities, and quicker payment

What’s more, Sallyport Commercial Finance’s clients have direct access to the decision makers, speeding up the underwriting process and enabling a fast turnaround from “prospective client” to “Client”.

Together We Grow


Step 1 –
Business and cash flow requirements with a representative. Receive a tailored cash flow proposal, sign and return it.
Step 2 – Underwriting
Commences and legal documents are issued. Return signed legal documents.
Step 3 – Verification
Of the accounts receivable commences, and funding is provided!


  • Tailored and customized solutions for your business
  • Speed of underwriting
  • Access to decision makers throughout the process
  • Courteous and professional contact with you and your customers
  • Quick access to cash flow solutions