Sallyport Freight Transportation

Quick, Tailored and Professional Financing Solutions: Sallyport Commercial Finance provides timely and easy access to funding, tailored to your needs. We know that in the freight industry, you ( our clients) deal with time lags between payments, shifting market conditions and fluctuating gas prices, all of which can impact the way that you do business.

What’s more, Sallyport Commercial Finance’s clients have direct access to decision makers, speeding up the underwriting process and enabling a fast turnaround from “prospective” client to “Client”.

Together We Grow

We provide the following solutions to help you overcome such problems:


Step 1 –
Business and cash flow requirements with a representative. Receive a tailored cash flow proposal, sign and return it.
Step 2 – Underwriting
Commences and legal documents are issued. Return signed legal documents.
Step 3 – Verification
Of the accounts receivable commences, and funding is provided!


  • Tailored and customized solutions for your business
  • Speed of underwriting
  • Access to decision makers throughout the process
  • Courteous and professional contact with you and your customers
  • Quick access to cash flow solutions