Sallyport Commercial Financial has an efficient and streamlined factoring facility approval process, with direct access to the decision makers.

Offers tailored solutions for individual companies. Here’s a step-by-step look at the process:

  1. Meet with Sallyport Commercial Finance representative to discuss your business and your requirements.
  2. Receive and return a signed proposal so that underwriting may commence.
  3. Send Sallyport Commercial Finance the required info, and SCF will generate the legal documents and send to you for signature.
  4. Once signed legal docs are received, verification can commence and we can move to funding you immediately.

Sallyport Commercial Finance can work as quickly as you can send in the info requested for review.

Underwriting: efficient and timely review of applications without sacrificing credit quality
Risk management: effective implementation and use of proven risk management techniques to assist you
IT systems: automated technologies and “tried and tested” management information systems