Accounts Receivable Financing

accounts-receivable-financing-sallyportIs your cash tied up in unpaid invoices?

Sallyport Commercial Finance can free up your working capital by financing your unpaid invoices for up to 90 days.
In addition to freeing up working capital, Sallyport Commercial Finance provide services that can help reduce the administrative burden on you, and speed up your cash flow.

Sallyport Commercial Finance will check the credit of your domestic customers, free of charge, so that you can make an informed supply decision. All contact with your customers will be in a professional and courteous manner, this allows your team to focus on growing your business. Sallyport Commercial Finance will provide credit control and treasury management services to you, by collecting, processing and allocating payments to your accounts receivable.

Sallyport Commercial Finance strive to fund your invoices in 24 hours, in order to improve your cash flow. We fund invoices for customers that are both domestically and internationally based, subject to credit worthiness and some due diligence.

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